Prevention & Prohibition and Redressal of Anti Sexual Activities

In compliance with the mandate of the aforementioned Supreme Court Judgment, VITEWPC adopts the guidelines & procedures to prevent, prohibit and punish sexual harassment of women at the workplace. VITEWPC is committed to providing for all women who fall within its jurisdiction including its, academic, non-academic staff and students at the place of work and study free from sexual harassment, intimidation and exploitation. Every woman shall have a right to be free from Sexual Harassment and the Right to Work in an environment free from any form of Sexual Harassment. For the compliance of the subject sited above an Anti Sexual Harrasment Committie has been constituted for redresseal of the sexual harassment in form of:

  1. Physical contact and advances;

  2. A demand or request for sexual favours;

  3. Physical contact and advances;

  4. Sexually coloured remarks;

  5. Showing pornography;

  6. Any other unwelcomed physical; verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

If being a woman working or studying in VITEWPC and have been sexually harassed in any of the forms given above may contact the following persons:

Sr. No. Name Contact No.
1. Mr. Sunil Sharma (Chairperson) 9928054004
2. Mrs. Shushila Sharma (Sr. Member) 9024963262
3. Mrs. Jyoti Gupta (Member) 9461455351
4. Miss Veena Sharma (Member) 07464-251567
5. Mr. Yashwant Parashar (Secretary) 9928054003